Miata Wheel Alignment & Partial Suspension refresh

OK here is a quick list of things done recently.

Wheel bearings all around

CV axles

Ball Joints (lower)

Tie Rod Ends (outer)


My numbers I asked for are a modification of "Icehawk's Alignment Spec" found on Miata.net Garage section. Icehawk modified the well known "Lanny's alignment" which is a safe go-to on the forums. I have been looking at the different popular flavors from 949Racing, Flyin' Miata, m.net, mt.net and various other sources to finally settle on these settings.

Total Toe  -0.0625
Camber    -1.3
Caster       5
Camber   -1.3
Total Toe +0.0625

These settings are at the edges of the factory specifications.

This is what I got!

I love it when a plan comes together ...