After the clutch job my Miata gets a name, "Shadow"

Feeling very good about the work that we had completed, I sat down on the couch and thought to myself about all the things I have done after all this time now. More than four year with this car that I have grown so much affection for I contemplated personification of the Miata. Opened a box of Botan Rice Candy and found this inside...

Job list:
-KMZ03 Exedy kit
-Supermiata Lightweight Flywheel
-Mazdaspeed Compitition Mounts
-Seals; R.main, F/R Trans.
-Delete Power Steering (looping lines for now)
-Delete AirCon
-New Alternator
-New "Snail" Horns
-New Clutch Master
-Supermiata Stainless Clutch Line
-New (used) OEM Sport Cassis Bracing, all.
-New HVAC blower
-Cappacuino Washer Bottle MOD
-New Dipstick!!!

1) Get it in the garage.
2) Take a last look at all the gak!
3) Start to take it apart.
4) Remove
5) Adjust
6) Reassemble!
7) Nice Job!