Shadow gets new shoes!

Advanti Storm S1 15x7 with Yokohama S.drives 195/50-15.

On a rainy Wednesday morning at work I receive the email your wheels arrived. I quickly walked to the shipping and receiving sector and open the door to the loading dock exterior and there they are small pile of wonder, four wheels in the grey light of the day, expecting me, waiting for me, and hoping that I will take care of it and love it and keep it safe and nice shiny chip free.

I promptly loaded them in the car which I had prepped the day before by removing the passenger seat. Wheels in a Miata and me happy as can be. The strike of one and I am a rush out of the door and rush home and jacked up the car install the new Wheels! Took a bit longer than I thought but that's not so bad I got back to work with no problem!

And now the car really seems to take on the name, Shadow. And that is just the look but what is really important is the performance of the new tires. I've moved from a six inch wide wheel to a 7 inch wide wheel and I've gone from a 205 50 to a 195 50.

Well things certainly have changed the turn in is there it came from nowhere it wasn't there before I thought there was turn in but now there's turn in there's serious turn in holy cow and all I did was drive to work and back. Although it is a slightly smaller width tire patch the sidewall is a bit shorter and therefore stiffer and the tire compound is a summer compound all these factors combined on to a wider rim that matches the tread width means that this is a performance set up truly.

I had to post at least one photo on the day on the occasion and this is the photo on a rainy day of Grey rainy day when I got back to work as in the parking lot and I had to take a photo and now it's dark and it was raining and the photo sucks but this is it this is the one this is the one to remember and that's that.